Sunday, July 10, 2016

Designing Your Living Space With Justin Urbas

Give your large living area a cozy look with tips from Justin Urbas

Having a large living space is surely great but decorating such places often becomes problem for owners. If you too are facing challenges to bring a comfortable feeling in your large living area, here are 13 tips from Justin Urbas for getting solution for your problems.

Use two colors on wall: Use of single color on wall gives it larger look. Thus, you can use two separate colors on the walls. Presence of two-toned walls make rooms more comfortable for eyes.

Decorate your room with plants: Placing plants at your large rooms is another way of bringing variation in it. You can place tall pots and plants for filling large vacant areas in your room. However, you should place the plants strategically. Try to place these near windows so that the plants get enough light.

Have a big sitting arrangement: If you have a large living space, utilize it for arranging small get- together with your family or friends. Justin Urbas considers that creating a big sitting arrangement at your house can be effective to decorate it properly. You can use lots of x-benches, armchairs and other small seats for this purpose.

Use L-shaped sofa: To give your room a smaller look, you can use a room-divider. An L-shaped sofa can be used perfectly in this case. Just keep it at middle of your room and obviously, it will make your room smaller. Instead of L-shaped sofa, a daytime bed can also be an excellent room divider.

Replace your Coffee table: To fill extra distance between two sofas, you can replace your small coffee table with an ottoman. It will not only feel the extra space, but will also add softness to your room.

Justin Urbas also suggests that you can create a reading corner at the large living areas to fill extra spaces. It apart from decorating the space, will reflect your excellent personality too.