Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Ideas from Justin Urbas to Revamp your Place this Monsoon

We all want to give the rooms a fresh and new look as per the season. If it is true for you too, know the following ways from Justin Urbas to change look of your room in monsoon.

Replace heavy drapes: 
In monsoon you should give special attention to the doors and windows of your living areas. During this season, you can think of replacing the heavy drapes of winter with lighter ones. You can add the flowy curtains in windows and see how these change the ambiance of your entire house.

Decorate the fireplace: 
Fireplace at your room easily catches eye of everyone. In the monsoon, you can try to give the fireplace a different look. Stack all the extra woods within it or place a hunk of coral to decorate it in innovative way.

Add white to your room: 
monsoon is a season when you can use light colors in the rooms instead of darker shades. Justin Urbas suggests to paint the walls, furniture with light hues. If it is not possible , place some white cushions, flower vases at your sitting place. Surely it will bring a cool look in the house.

Use outdoors: 
When the weather is favorable, you can use outdoor area of your house. Place a light breakfast table at your garden or any open place and enjoy monsoon fully.

Use contrasting colors:
If you do not want to use white within the rooms, go for contrasting colors. Use bold colors,geometric shapes and abstract patterns within room along with light shades. It will also give your room a unique look.

Justin Urbas considers that in monsoon, you can add freshness within the rooms with fresh flowers. Instead of using anything else, place a bouquet of garden roses or any other flower to refresh yourself.

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