Wednesday, October 19, 2016

4 ideas from David Justin Urbas to decorate your small apartment

The small apartments often look overstuffed with furnitures and thus, decorating these becomes quite difficult. However, if you have innovative ideas, organizing everything at your apartment in perfect order and enhancing aesthetic value of interior at the same time, remains no more difficult. Below are some such ideas from David Justin Urbas.

Use open kitchen: In small apartments, you can use an open kitchen combined with the living or dining area. Such plans within apartment will create an illusion of space and as a result, it will not look congested. For utilizing the available space perfectly, you can fit shelves to walls of the rooms. Attaching hooks and shelves by the side of cupboards also is an excellent idea for using every inch of the space available in your kitchen.

Create a work space in living room: No matter how small your living room is, you can easily make a workspace here with a tiny table and chair. Place these at any corner near windows. You can decorate the surrounding walls with your favorite wallpapers too for having a more cozy feeling.

Decorating hallways in bright colors: As per David Justin Urbas, the long and narrow hallways pose serious challenges when it comes to decorating an apartment. If you too have the same problem, decorating such hallways with bright color would be a perfect idea. For example, you can use bright furniture and decors in the hallway to change its appearance. But , Urbas considers that balancing between bright and neutral colors is also necessary to get the best view.

Make dining space bigger with mirrors: Owners of small apartments always want to get rid of the small dining spaces. Using mirrors is one of the best ways to do it. Along with mirrors, you can use bold decors in dining spaces too for giving it a bigger feel.

David Justin Urbas states that interior looks the best when it reflects personality of the owner. You should keep it in mind while choosing decors for your home.

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