Monday, November 7, 2016

4 tricks to change appearance of your house: Know from David Justin Urbas

Interior decoration should be done in such way so that it can hide all the flaws of your house and can bring a fresh look. Here David Justin Urbas suggested few tips using which you can change look of your house.

Bright hue at door: While decorating a house, doors are often neglected, but these plays an important role to create a warm and welcoming environment. To set the tone, the pros often suggest to use bright hue at door. The red is considered as a lucky color in many cultures. If you love experimenting with look of your house, use bright red at door. In case you are slightly conventional, use bright yellow or orange instead. These two colors also will give your house equally welcoming appearance.

Neutral colors at first floor: It is safe to stick to the colors like beige or gray for walls, especially for the walls of first floor. The neutral hues like these two have several advantages. You get huge flexibility to decorate the walls and change accessories whenever needed. In addition to this, use of neutral colors help you to bring larger look to the small apartment. If there are two small rooms side by side, use of the same neutral color will be effective to give them bigger appearance.

Arrange the sofa: The living room of your house should have a cozy environment. It can be brought easily just by rearranging the sofa and chairs. The best way to arrange these is in either U shape or in H shape so that people sitting can communicate easily.

Light colors in window drapings: The modern interior decorators suggest to make the window dressings elegant and functional. While decorating the house, say a big No to heavy draping. Instead use lighter ones for letting the Sun in.

It is not necessary that you bring all brand new furniture to change look of the interior. Rather, you can use spray paints on older furniture to give them a new look.