Monday, January 30, 2017

6 tricks from David Justin Urbas you can use to lighten up dining room

The ambiance within your dining room can be changed completely with proper lighting. Here are few suggestions from David Justin Urbas to lighten up the dining room.

Placing contemporary chandelier:

For modern dining rooms, the entire appearance can be changed by adding a contemporary chandelier. A floral chandelier along with colorful chairs can bring a charming look to the space. To brighten up the area more, add accessories like candles and vases also.

Classic chandelier for traditional dining spaces:

The Chandeliers are not only for contemporary dining spaces. You can use those in your traditional dining also. Place a simple chandelier over the table to illuminate the area. You can install a dimmer also to change the lighting as per mood.

Track lighting for specific parts:

For lighting up the specific parts of your dining area, you can start using track lighting. These lights illuminate only those parts which you want to make brighter. A wavy track light also acts as a focal point.

Experiment with dual chandelier:

A beautiful pendant chandelier can be used as a great artwork also. If you want to do little experiment with the dining space, add two contemporary chandelier together. You can team those up with bright draperies, upholstered chairs and classic styled table.

Cove lighting for small dinings:

Cove lighting are usually placed high on the wall. The sparkling chandelier along with beautifully painted wall can add extra glamour to the dining space and gives it an elegant look.

Pendant lights all over the dining area:

For ample lighting within the kitchen, pendant lights are unbeatable. These lights are usually placed over focal points of the dining space such as table and enhance aesthetic value of the area.

The table lamps, placed over side boards are also effective highly for illuminating dining space. You can add those on sideboards to illuminate each corner of the kitchen.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Decorate an old house in trendy way with tips from David Justin Urbas

Interior decoration is not for new houses only. Instead, it can bring a trendy look to an old fashioned house also. Unlike the new one, decorating an older house can be slightly tricky as you have to blend the past with the latest trends. Here are some tips from David Justin Urbas, you can keep in mind when your house will need some touch ups.

Paint everything which is worn out: The first step of decorating your older house is painting everything, including the wall, door frames and even the old furniture too. A fresh coat of paint covers each and every imperfection of the worn out things in your house and will bring a new look to it. Also, mix the neutral colors as well as bright shades in such way so that the interior gets a cozy appearance.

Use stained glass: Using stained glass on windows is another technique that creates a vibrant look to your old home. Use white or any such neutral color to the walls surrounding these windows. You will be amazed to see that the stained glass is itself acting like an artwork.

Replace drapes with in Window shades: The in window shades let you show off the vintage window of your home which the usual hanging drapes cannot. In addition, such shades also bring an extremely modern look to your classic styled house.

Long drape for not so stylish windows: Not all windows of your house are in sound condition. While decorating home, you have to do something to hide these. Using longer drapes is one of the easiest technique to do it. Just place a colorful drape from the window and see how does look of the room changes.

To add more style, David Justin Urbas suggests to keep airy racks. It, along with adding value to the room, will let you to display your collections also.